Exhibiting modern architecture, this hotel satisfies guest user experience with great layouts and inviting visuals

Hospitality. The hotel and tourism industry is one of the strongest sectors that contributes to the economic development of the country. As the Philippines has a tropical climate and is an archipelago, the country has so much to offer. The country has been a go-to holiday destination for both foreign and local tourists. Quality service combined with meticulously and tastefully done architecture is just some of what travelers and guests look for. This is what the Yello Hotel offers. Providing stakeholders with the powerful combination of a modern built environment and up-to-date technology for rest, recreation, and business concerns.

Smart + Design Hotel


Completed in 2019, the Yello Hotel is a 10-story, 192-room hotel found in Brgy. Lahug, Cebu City. According to the hotel’s website, the name Yello! is the joint word for “yellow” and “hello” that both suggest warmth and vibrancy. The structure is also known for its unique façade. The dynamic pattern of protruding boxes like skewed canopies with yellow accents highlights the front elevation. Yello Hotel is a one-of-a-kind smart and design hotel, showing a distinct identity, suited for guests who see beauty in simplicity and connectivity.