From ferries to hotels: Yello brings vibrancy and value to modern travel.

Drawing inspiration from their successful fleet of inter-island cargo ships in the 90s, the creators of Yello! Hotel dreamt of a new hospitality experience. Their vision: a hotel catering to the modern and global traveler, seamlessly blending comfort, value, and connectivity at an attractive price.

The playful name “Yello” is a double entendre, referencing both the sunny color yellow and welcoming greeting “hello.” It perfectly embodies the hotel’s focus on warmth and vibrancy. Through their real estate arm, Gothong Southern Properties, Inc., this idea transformed from a casual conversation into a reality. Yello! Hotel today stands as a living testament to passion, innovation, and excellence.

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Its fresh, modern design reflects the contemporary traveler’s preference, while the vibrant service echoes the spirit of its name. Yello! Hotel takes pride in providing seamless experiences, from the moment you arrive to the time you depart, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay.